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Trauma Coaching, transforming the traumatic events of the past into powerful success stories for the future. 

Welcome to Traumanon - No Trauma 

The foundation for Traumanon came when we could not find anything explaining what caused PTSD or how to cure it. What the experts said was confusing. That started us on the road to discover what actually causes aberrated behavior and what could be done about it. Our drive to get to the root of the problem led us to the discovery of a simple procedure that targets the causes of aberration and helps the person get better. At its core is communicating in a certain way.  

The process is simple and is explained further in my seminars. Simply put, as explained In The Book of Secrets, according to Osho (1974), Chapter 28, Meditation: An Un-burdening of Repressions, it states; "Really, anything that you chatter about you are relieved of. Once you tell it you are relieved of it; it has moved out....It helps the patient-because the more he talks about his problems, inner conflicts and associated ideas, the more he is relieved of them. The reverse happens when you can keep a secret. At no moment are you allowed to talk about it. It will enter deep, deep, and one day it will hit the exact lock." (p. 402-403) 

Traumanon is built to assist anyone who is suffering from emotional trauma. It is for people wanting to get better and regain the life they had before it become disrupted. 

Here is what we do for you. We open up a safe space for you to talk about anything you want, any way you want without judgment. It is a safe place where you can say anything about anything. Bottom line, you get to tell your story the way you want without any fear of ridicule or commiseration. Everything you say is held in complete confidence. Then, when you are ready, we will begin rebuilding your life to where it is equal to or better than it was before. 

It will not be easy, you will have to do some personal work. We know you have the courage to see it through. You are a strong and powerful being fully capable of overcoming anything that stands in your way. 

We will meet you where you are mentally and emotionally, together we will take the steps necessary to rebuild your life.

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