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Certified Empowerment Coach and author of the book
Combat Life Saver for the Mind;
 A practical guide to reduce the emotional affects of trauma

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Research has shown that Traumatic events keep you from being, doing and having your desires. It does this by feeding you misinformation in the now about the past.  

Traumanon was established originally to assist individuals who have tried to recover from traumatic events using other healing modalities with little or no success. 

We have many different experiential proven technologies to work with. Among them are The Emotional Freedom Technique, Dianetics Lock Scanning, Strait wire memory, inside coaching, outside coaching, sacred ceremonies with plant medicine and much more.  Request a free discovery session to see if we have one that is right for you. Click here to register

During your discovery session we will explore the areas of your life where you feel are not exactly how you want them to be. By the end of the call you will have the first steps you can take right now to start making the life you want. 

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